Top Trending Online Shopping Apps in the UAE [2021] - Digital Gravity (2023)

Consumer shopping habits have significantly changed over the years as more and more physical storefront visits and the charm of window shopping is being replaced with online checkouts and digital carts. This is ecommerce at its best and with it comes some of the most amazing online shopping apps that give users the convenience to shop anything, anytime, anywhere from the comfort of their home or office.

All that said; success of the shopping app and overall buyer’s experience is determined by the design and performance of the app itself. The real duty is thus on mobile app designers who should be exceptionally skilled in developing superb online shopping apps using cutting-edge technology, tools, creativity as well as visionary approach which maps the entire consumer journey.

4.2% of ecommerce retail penetration in comparison of total retail sales, it is highest rank , second ranked is 3.8% and 1.9% from mena region. Here are the reasons with specified

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Leading the tech revolution are a few best mobile/ecommerce app development companies in Dubai, adding a handful of super awesome apps to the respective app stores. Cut to the chase, no need to look further for inspiration as listed below are a few trending mobile apps to rule in 2021; picked by leading mobile app developers and agencies.

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Definitely old but never obsolete; the world recognises Amazon as one of the biggest ecommerce platform and for its user-friendly digital channels. From simple books and daily household groceries to consumer electronics and much more, Amazon has it all for both; local and international buyers.

Amazon Services
Top Trending Online Shopping Apps in the UAE [2021] - Digital Gravity (2)

A few reasons it’s cherished as one of the best ecommerce platform are user-friendliness, excellent customer support, prompt refunds and returns, free shipping on selected merchandise (depends on shipping location as well), faster service and much more.

Other than the official app that’s available to download on both Android and iOS, the simple scrolling function and arrow on the logo clearly delivers the message that you can find almost everything on Amazon.

Top Trending Online Shopping Apps in the UAE [2021] - Digital Gravity (3)

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Download Amazon Android | Amazon iOS


Following closely in the footsteps of Amazon is eBay Mobile App; yet another biggest and consumers’ most preferred online shopping platform especially for those who’re highly skilled in bagging the best items at a fair bid. From frugal shoppers to spendthrifts, eBay store have everything including a brand new to slightly used signature/designer’s exclusive item; depending on how well you bid for it.

Top Trending Online Shopping Apps in the UAE [2021] - Digital Gravity (4)

Given to the rise of digital shopping platforms and e-wallets, eBay has significantly improved itself from end-user’s perspectives, allowing you to customize your search via image uploading and barcode scan. UI/UX design of the app is quite intuitive which further adds to the element of an amazing online shopping app. A general survey revealed that more or less 50% users have installed eBay app on their smartphones and digital devices.

Top Trending Online Shopping Apps in the UAE [2021] - Digital Gravity (5)

Download eBay Android | eBay iOS


For those having a special preference and flair for arts-and-crafts, Etsy is definitely a heaven for designers and manufacturers to mix-up their creativity and deliver something awesome to consumers. To all those searching endlessly on the internet for customized apparels, gifts, vintage goods and more unique take-away directly from the house of artists, boutique designers; Etsy is surely a place to be where the online search comes to an end.

Top Trending Online Shopping Apps in the UAE [2021] - Digital Gravity (6)

It’s an undeniable fact that the digital industry, especially that of online shopping apps, is over saturated which makes it difficult for honest buyers in finding exclusive handmade and factory-produced items. Thanks to Etsy, you can bid your worries goodbye and enjoy shopping unlike anything!

Download Etsy Android | Etsy iOS


Regarded as one of the best and largest online marketplace in India, Snapdeal comes as a blessing for all, offering amazing items at an irresistibly affordable price. It’s like your casual neighbourhood supermarket that just turned digital to host almost everything from clothing, consumer electronics, household appliances, accessories and daily consumption goods. Snapdeal has more than 800 different categories of different items and definitely a one-stop-shop with cash-back facilities and cheaper deals.

Download Snapdeal Android | Snapdeal iOS


A subsidiary to Alibaba Group Holding Limited and definitely finest addition to ecommerce; AliExpress is yet another Chinese-based online shopping app to facilitate small businesses in the native country of China as well as cover various states across the globe. AliExpress does have multiple category to get hands on.

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It started only as a B2B online shopping portal but the user-friendliness, exceptional service and imminent rise of ecommerce worldwide expanded it to B2B, B2C and even C2C consumer portals. Alibaba’s head, pour lights on indicating the privacy of data for users safety and developers ease.

Top Trending Online Shopping Apps in the UAE [2021] - Digital Gravity (8)

In addition to all this, AliExpress also offers cloud computing and digital payment services as part of its unique ecommerce solution.
Here is the video for AlieExpress Payment Methods by AutoDS – Automatic DropShipping Tools

Download AliExpress Android | AliExpress iOS


Flipkart is yet another leading online shopping app, originally developed to cater South Asian consumers especially Bengaluru but over the years have grown significantly ever since rebranding back in 2011. It competes equally to Snapdeal and Amazon’s Indian subsidiary, now carrying a highly professional blue and yellow shaded logo rather than the traditional vibrant orange.

Top Trending Online Shopping Apps in the UAE [2021] - Digital Gravity (9)

Flipkart as an ecommerce platform; has improved its services in terms of product quality and on-time delivery which makes it worth mentioning in the list of trending shopping apps for 2021.

Download Flipkart Android | Flipkart iOS


We’ve all seen those online stores that serve everyone with almost every other item in their vault but there’re consumers who always prefer customisation and typical brands. Exclusive only to the fashion and make-up industry is Zalora that lets you sail across an ocean of glamorous beauty, fashion and makeup products thus giving a new meaning to ‘personalised shopping’.

Mobile app developers and designers truly worked-up their creativity by introducing a visual search feature to this particular shopping app; a feature which we usually don’t see, even on some of the biggest ecommerce stores. Using visual search, users can easily find their everyday makeup and fashion items rather than sifting endlessly through the product library.

Download Zalora Android | Zalora iOS


There’s a saying that “one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure”, and then there’s another saying that “the name needs no introduction’; both holds true for Dubizzle, a replica or mirror version of OLX.

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Its business model caters to C2C but savvy buyers can find almost everything from brand new to used stuff, covering electronics, clothing, consumer electronics, cosmetics, vehicles and even real estate homes.

Top Trending Online Shopping Apps in the UAE [2021] - Digital Gravity (11)

One of the biggest pro facts of Dubizzle is its C2C business model which relieves buyers from going through third-party agents and retail stores.

If you are unaware about what is C2C business model, you should check this video.

Top Trending Online Shopping Apps in the UAE [2021] - Digital Gravity (12)

Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) e-Commerce: Definition, Business Model & Examples – Business Class (Video) |

Download Dubizzle Android | Dubizzle iOS


To be the first one to grab all the latest fashion trends in clothing is a charm of its own and with Koovs; everyone can be that lucky person as the online app exclusively brings an all-inclusive line of apparel for men and women. Users can shop by style, preference, colour, brand, price and even occasion whereas the simple, seamless and convenient checkout process makes Koovs a must-have shopping app in 2021.

Download Koovs Android | Koovs iOS

Facebook Marketplace

Coming straight from social media juggernaut; none other than Facebook is an innovative, impressive and inspirational ecommerce app known as Facebook Marketplace. Initially launched only to a selected users in the US and UK, the app’s amazing features and all-inclusive services reached out to the users across the world which makes Facebook Marketplace one of the trending 2021 shopping apps!

Guide On How to Access the Facebook Marketplace:

Source: Max Dalton

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The old-school term “Happy Go Lucky” truly fits Rakuten; the one and only online shopping app that lets you win cash rewards via PayPal deposits or cheques. The good things is you will always Rakuten Coupons available.

Top Trending Online Shopping Apps in the UAE [2021] - Digital Gravity (13)

All you need to do is download the app and register to login, search for your favourite stores, hit the referral link shared by Rakuten and purchase through that particular link. In return, Rakuten will compensate you in cash which is transferred to your account either as a lump-sum or quarterly instalments.

Download Rakuten Android | Rakuten iOS


Retail businesses, irrespective of online or offline trading system, are ruled by Walmart which needs no explanation! Even today, it’s the king of all online shopping stores whereas the official mobile app experience is as amazing as anything expected from the best ecommerce services providers.

Top Trending Online Shopping Apps in the UAE [2021] - Digital Gravity (14)

The barcode scanner will let you build your own digital shopping cart by searching for items you need, fill you in with details on all the local ads and share latest offers. Its convenient self-registration and checkout promises blazing fast payment and delivery.

Other than the typical consumer goods and daily household products, Walmart app also gives easy access to their online pharmacy and has all essential medicines delivered right at your doorstep.

Download Walmart Android | Walmart iOS

Which One Will You Pick?

With so many amazing online shopping apps, each comes with a unique feature but the end purpose is the same; enhanced shopping experience and user friendliness.

Top Trending Online Shopping Apps in the UAE [2021] - Digital Gravity (15)

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Which app is most used in UAE? ›

Predictably WhatsApp is the most popular chat app in the UAE. WhatsApp has 7.97 million users in the UAE, which is 80.20% of the country's total population.
Popular Messenger Apps in the UAE.
Popular Messenger AppsActive Users
Skype3.34 million
SnapChat3.32 million
WeChat2.40 million
Tik Tok4.21 million
3 more rows
13 Jun 2022

Which Online 2021 app is best? ›

Some of the best online shopping apps in India are:
  • Amazon. There is no shortage of product types to enjoy in from its Amazon Apparel Store to Amazon Global. ...
  • Flipkart. ...
  • AliExpress. ...
  • eBay. ...
  • Myntra. ...
  • Club Factory. ...
  • TataCliq. ...
  • ShopClues.

Which is the No 1 online shopping app? ›

App App NamePublisher Publisher
1Shopsy Shopping App - FlipkartShopsy
2Flipkart Online Shopping AppFlipkart
3Amazon India Shop, Pay, miniTVAmazon Mobile LLC
4AJIO - House Of BrandsReliance Retail Ltd
46 more rows

What is the cheapest online store in UAE? ›

List of UAE Online Shopping Websites
  1. Amazon is the biggest online shopping retailer in the world, and it has a UAE website. ...
  2. Awok. Awok is one of the cheapest online shopping sites in the UAE, offering mobile phones, smart watches, hair products, and more. ...
  3. Carrefour UAE. ...
  4. Desertcart. ...
  5. DODuae. ...
  6. Dubizzle. ...
  7. Gadgetby. ...
  8. Jumbo.

What is the largest online shopping store in UAE? ›

1) eCommerce Company In UAE, a popular online retailer in the Middle East, is ranked 1st in the UAE-based eCommerce Companies. This website is known for its wide variety of products and low prices. The company also offers a robust reward points scheme that offers significant discounts on purchases.

Which shopping app is used in Dubai? ›

Aliza: All In One Online Shopping App - Dubai UAE.

Which app do we use to buy used items in UAE? ›

If you're looking to sell or buy preloved clothes, the global app Depop is also used here in the UAE.

What are the top 10 shopping apps? ›

Top 22 Free Shopping Apps In India For Fashion, Electronics, Grocery, etc.
  • Amazon.
  • Flipkart.
  • Myntra.
  • Nykaa.
  • Ajio.
  • Snapdeal.
  • Swiggy.
  • Tata Cliq.
4 Nov 2022

What is the most trendy app? ›

List of the Top Most Downloaded Apps
  • TikTok.
  • Instagram.
  • Facebook.
  • WhatsApp.
  • Telegram.
  • Zoom.
  • Snapchat.
  • Facebook Messenger.
25 Oct 2022

Which app is trending in 2021? ›

TikTok. It's no surprise that TikTok is one of the most downloaded apps of 2021. By April of last year, the app had amassed over 2 billion downloads overall globally. Initially this app was seen as a Gen Z space only, but it has experienced an influx of new users due to world-wide lockdown measures.

What is the 1st most popular app? ›

Most Popular Apps 2021 (Global)

TikTok retained its spot as the most downloaded app in 2021, although total downloads decreased by 194 million in 2021. Facebook had three apps in the top five.

Which is the best online selling app? ›

Best apps and websites for reselling items
  • Best for selling everything without fees: Facebook Marketplace.
  • Best for selling handmade and vintage items: Etsy.
  • Best for selling clothing: Depop.
  • Best for selling home goods: Mercari.
  • Best for selling specialized goods: eBay.

Which app has cheapest clothes? ›

  • 2) thredUp. thredUp is another one of the best clothes shopping apps for shopaholics on a budget. ...
  • 3) Rent the Runway. ...
  • 4) Rue La La. ...
  • 6) Poshmark. ...
  • 7) Depop. ...
  • 8) OfferUp. ...
  • 9) Amazon.
30 Jul 2022

What is most selling product online in UAE? ›

Here is the list of 15 top selling products in the UAE online:
  • Furniture.
  • Books.
  • Sporting goods.
  • Jewelry.
  • Perfume.
  • Mobile Phones.
  • Laptops.
  • Cameras.
22 Mar 2022

Which online shopping is best in Dubai? ›

Top 10 Most Popular Online Shopping Sites In Dubai, UAE
  • Amazon. is well-known among internet consumers. ...
  • Awok. This is most likely one of the country's cheapest online buying sites! ...
  • Kibsons. This online grocery store sells fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, seafood, and other items.
15 Jul 2022

What is the most selling product in UAE? ›

Top best selling products in UAE
  • Yoga Mats.
  • Top Trending Fashion Items.
  • Wide-Leg Pants.
  • Corsets.
  • Water Bottle Holder Shelf.
  • Shapewear.
  • Rainbow Sprinkle Donut Tube.
  • Harry Potter Box Set Paperback.
26 Sept 2022

Which online mart is best? ›

Looking for Best Online shopping sites in India or Top 10 ten 2022 shopping website in India, here in this post we going to tell you top 20 Indian online shopping sites 2022.
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
12 Sept 2022

What are the top marketplaces in UAE? ›

Top Websites Ranking for Marketplace in United Arab Emirates
RankWebsiteCategory Similarweb website categorization
1amazon.aeeCommerce & Shopping > Marketplace
2noon.comeCommerce & Shopping > Marketplace
3amazon.comeCommerce & Shopping > Marketplace
4carrefouruae.comeCommerce & Shopping > Marketplace
1 more row

Which app is most used in Dubai? ›

App App NamePublisher Publisher
1My Etisalat UAEEtisalat UAE
2YTV PlayerProd ADP
3Yacine TVYacine TV.
4CapCut - Video EditorBytedance Pte. Ltd.
46 more rows

What apps can I use in UAE? ›

All the Internet Calling Apps in the UAE Residents Can Use
  • BOTIM. You can keep in contact with your family and friends using BOTIM, one of the best video calling apps in UAE. ...
  • C'ME. ...
  • VOICO. ...
  • ZOOM. ...
  • YZERCHAT. ...
  • TOTOK. ...

What is the cheapest online shopping site? ›

These cheap online shopping websites appeal to people all around the world by presenting low prices and terrific deals!
  • AliExpress. You can get multiple deals from promotions on clothes, electronic devices, sports stuff, and so many products on AliExpress. ...
  • TechBargains. ...
  • Etsy. ...
  • Forever 21. ...
  • Amazon. ...
  • Newegg. ...
  • ASOS. ...
  • Cigabuy.

What UAE is famous for? ›

The United Arab Emirates is known for the tallest human-made structure, the Burj Khalifa, and the Burj Al Arab, one of the tallest hotel building in the world. The UAE is famous for several artificial islands like the Palm Jumeirah island, the World, and The Universe archipelagos.

How can I sell online in UAE? ›

Apply for an e-commerce license.

Then you must apply for an e-commerce license in Dubai. If you choose a mainland license, you must apply to the DED, the licensing authority for e-commerce. For a free zone license, you can apply directly to the free zone of your choice.

Does Shopify work in UAE? ›

Payment gateways in United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪

Shopify has partnered with leading international payment providers to support your sales efforts. Your customers can pay in their local currency using their preferred payment method.

Which app is used in UAE instead of WhatsApp? ›

The UAE's most popular video calling app, BOTIM, provides users with the means to make HD video calls and voice calls worldwide. BOTIM lets you send photos, voice messages and videos to friends and family around the globe so you won't be missing out if WhatsApp goes down.

Which app is best for online shopping 2022? ›

  • ASOS. Download on iOS | Android. ASOS is a fashion shopping app home to over 850 brands and 85,000 products across categories like clothing, makeup, shoes and accessories. ...
  • Instagram shopping. Download on iOS | Android. ...
  • RetailMeNot. Download on iOS | Android. ...
  • Shopkick. Download on iOS | Android.
20 Sept 2022

Which is the fastest delivery shopping app? ›

Which shopping app has fastest delivery in India?
  • Wefast — Fast Courier Delivery App.
  • Dunzo: Deliver Packages Fast.
  • Saral – Same Day Intra-City Courier Delivery.
  • Pidge – Instant Delivery & Courier Service.
  • Lalamove India – Delivery App.
  • Swiggy Genie: Local Grocery and Parcel Delivery.

Which is the best online shopping app for girls? ›

19 Best Shopping Apps for Women's Clothes to Buy Fashionable Outfits 2022
  • Amazon.
  • Stitch Fix.
  • Zara.
  • ASOS.
  • Etsy.
  • Zulily.
  • ThredUP.
  • Gilt.
16 Dec 2021

Which app is trending now 2022? ›

Tiktok as The Top Trending App.

What is the #1 app of 2022? ›

Facebook still leads the world in monthly active users, with all four of the top four apps, followed by TikTok, Amazon, Twitter, and others.

What kind of apps are in demand 2022? ›

Social media platforms with built-in payment features. Mobile OS systems with built-in systems for payments. Examples are Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay.

What types of apps are in demand? ›

Best On-demand App Ideas to Start Money Making Startup in 2022
  • On-demand Uber-like Apps for Traveling.
  • On-demand Pharmacy Delivery Apps.
  • On-demand Fashion Apps.
  • On-demand Health Apps.
  • On-demand Plumbing Apps.
  • On-demand Mechanics Apps.
  • On-demand Plant Delivery Apps.
  • On-demand Beauty Service Apps.
3 Sept 2021

Which is the least popular app? ›

In my opinion, you can't get much worse Android apps than this. Learn everything about the various worst Android apps ever to be found on the Google play store.
List of the worst Android apps
  1. Google Pay. ...
  2. ES File Explorer. ...
  3. Google Allo. ...
  4. Cheetah Mobile Apps. ...
  5. Move to iOS. ...
  6. 6. Facebook Home. ...
  7. Hardware Companion Apps. ...
  8. 8. Facebook.
2 May 2022

Which app category is most popular? ›

1. Gaming Apps. There's no secret that gaming apps are the most well-known mobile apps and some of the most downloaded. Google Play, for instance, generated 37.3 billion U.S. dollars in gaming app revenues in 2021.

What are the Top 5 selling apps? ›

The 5 Best Apps to Sell Your Stuff in 2022
  • OfferUp: Best Overall.
  • Poshmark: Best for Clothes.
  • Facebook Marketplace: Best for Quick Sales.
  • Decluttr: Best for Technology and Electronics.
  • 5Miles: Best for Furniture and Big Ticket Items.
12 Oct 2022

What is the easiest selling app? ›

The 6 Best Apps for Selling Stuff in 2022
  • Best for Big-Ticket Items: eBay.
  • Best for Free Listings: Meta Marketplace.
  • Best for Local Sales: Nextdoor.
  • Best for Buyers: OfferUp.
  • Best for Selling Designer Items: Poshmark.
  • Runner-Up, Best for Selling Designer Items: Tradesy.
27 Jun 2022

What is the best place to sell online in 2022? ›

7 Best Places To Sell Your Product Online in 2022
  1. Shopify. Shopify is a custom eCommerce platform and a well-equipped content management system (CMS) allowing anyone to set up and manage a business website with a monthly subscription. ...
  2. Amazon. ...
  3. Walmart Marketplace. ...
  4. Target Plus. ...
  5. WordPress. ...
  6. eBay. ...
  7. Etsy.
26 Apr 2022

Which payment app works in UAE? ›

Google Pay

Google Pay can be used by anyone. It works on both Android and iOS. You have to register your card details issued by the bank and you can make payments across UAE. The service is available for Emirates NBD, Emirates Islamic and Mashreq, Standard Chartered.

Is flipkart available in UAE? ›

You can shop from Flipkart's wide range of product categories including clothing, footwear, fashion jewellery, electronics, home appliances, toys, etc, and we will deliver your orders at your overseas address in the UAE.

Which e wallet is best in UAE? ›

This article will offer detailed insights into the 10 best digital wallets in the UAE that can be used to make payments.
  • Payit. Payit is an e-wallet designed by First Abu Dhabi Bank to transfer funds, pay utility bills, complete mobile recharge, and more. ...
  • Google Pay. ...
  • Samsung Pay. ...
  • Etisalat Wallet. ...
  • Apple Pay.

Which app gives instant money in UAE? ›

Insta Loan – This is a good app for people who need money fast in Dubai. If you use this service, your loan application will usually be approved within 15 minutes and the money should be deposited into your account the next business day. With this company, you can usually borrow up to AED 500.

Which digital payment app is best? ›

  • Google Pay. Best for Android Users. Jump To. ...
  • Cash App. Best for Buying Stocks and Bitcoin. Jump To. ...
  • PayPal. Best for Shopping online. ...
  • Zelle. Best for Instant Bank-to-Bank Transfers. ...
  • Apple Pay. Best for Purchases on iOS and Mac. ...
  • Samsung Pay. Best for Contactless in-Store Purchases. ...
  • Venmo. Best for Paying friends.

Which VPN allowed in UAE? ›

Unfortunately, ISPs such as Etisalat are actively blocking VPNs in Dubai and UAE. This is a country with a high level of internet censorship. However, the good news is that there are still some VPNs that work in Dubai. In particular, people are using NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and PrivateVPN to bypass restrictions.

Why are apps blocked in UAE? ›

In the United Arab Emirates, the two primary telecommunications companies – Etisalat and du – are majority-owned by the government. To preserve the profits for those companies, the government blocks access to a large number of VoIP apps.

Does Amazon Ship in UAE? ›

FREE Shipping is available if you're ordering eligible items for delivery within the U.A.E. Orders that include 100 AED or more of eligible items that are Fulfilled by Amazon, qualify for FREE Shipping.

Is Amazon allowed in UAE? ›

Yes, selling on Amazon in the UAE is legal, but you will need a license to sell products through this website. You need to apply for a UAE e-commerce license, which we can provide you with at Meydan Commerce.

How much does iPhone 13 cost in UAE? ›

iPhone 13 price in UAE (Dubai) starts at AED 3,399 for 128GB models, AED 3,819 for iPhone 13 256GB, and AED 4,669 for iPhone 13 512GB. iPhone 13 Mini price in UAE (Dubai) starts at AED 2,999 for 128GB models, AED 3,419 for iPhone 13 Mini 256GB, and AED 4,269 for iPhone 13 Mini 512GB.


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