Top 23 Best Hairstyles For Girls (2023 Trends) (2023)

There is an endless variety of girls’ haircuts and hairstyles available out there. Girls want to be fashionable no less than adult women do, so the stylists have come up with a lot of different styles to suit every taste.

Starting from the time when first hair starts growing, mothers are ready to make the most intricate haircuts and styles for their daughters. Once the little models grow older, they start trying to manage hair on their own.

Sometimes their ideas might seem a little wild. But isn’t childhood the rightest time for experimenting? Younger girls have finer hair, so the variety of styles is a little limited.

However, there are so many choices out there, that even the finest and the most unmanageable hair won’t be overlooked. The earlier girls start taking the right care of their hair, the easier it will be for them in the future.

Learning how to choose the right hairstyle is a skill every girl will need. Daughters like to copy their mothers’ hairstyle and some mothers are ready to oblige.

However, there are some haircuts which look terrific on women terrible on girls. Each girl deserves a chance to sport the best hairstyle out there, so browsing some choices is imperative.

Choosing The Right Hairstyle for Girls

With so many girl’s hairstyles to choose from nowadays, the only problem you’re facing right now is which one to choose! To help you find the best one for the look you’re going for, we’ve put together a handy list of 23 great styles to try this year.

You can’t go wrong with these beautiful haircuts and hairstyles for girls in 2023.

1. Long Hairstyle

Top 23 Best Hairstyles For Girls (2023 Trends) (1)

Young girls should be encouraged to wear their hair long; it will typically come past shoulders and looks great down or up in a ponytail.

Whether it’s straight, wavy, or a combination of both: layer it, add bangs, or wear a center or side part for simple style that looks great with any color and texture hair.

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2. Medium Length Hair

Top 23 Best Hairstyles For Girls (2023 Trends) (2)

Medium length hair will come to shoulder length or a little past. It can be any color or texture and any thickness. Common styles include the center and side part with or without bangs.

3. Short Haircut

Top 23 Best Hairstyles For Girls (2023 Trends) (3)

From bobs to pixies, short hairstyles encompass it all. Pixies can be buzzed short or a couple inches in length, while bobs will typically meet the jawline. Women with short hair tend to like to play with texture by adding layers for movement or curling the hair.

4. 9-10 Years Old Girl’s Hairstyle

Top 23 Best Hairstyles For Girls (2023 Trends) (4)

The classic young girl’s haircut consists of long hair and bangs. Since children ages 9 and 10 don’t typically straighten their hair, this style is very low maintenance, except for when they ask for braids!

5. Androgynous Haircut

Top 23 Best Hairstyles For Girls (2023 Trends) (5)

No matter how you identify yourself, one haircut that will complement your features in the best way is this short hairstyle. It’s parted at the side and about one to two inches of length all over. The minimal wavy texture it has is combed back.

6. Black Hairstyle

Top 23 Best Hairstyles For Girls (2023 Trends) (6)

African American hair is black and typically dry and thick. Many women with this hair opt for sew-ins and extensions which are woven into natural hair for a protective and natural look. They may also have it chemically straightened.

7. Haircut for Big Forehead

Top 23 Best Hairstyles For Girls (2023 Trends) (7)

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When you’re trying to cover up a wide forehead, bangs of any kind will be your best friend. For thin hair, a piecey bang is not dramatic yet acts as camouflage while on thick hair, a blunt bang covers every inch of the forehead.

8. Sweet Sixteen Hairstyle

Top 23 Best Hairstyles For Girls (2023 Trends) (8)

Being a teenager deserves a special hairstyle. A short asymmetrical bob is very sophisticated yet still youthful. A side bang adds a flirty detail which is adorable loose or pinned back.

9. Teenage Girl’s Hairstyle

Top 23 Best Hairstyles For Girls (2023 Trends) (9)

Other teenage girl hairstyles include long hair pulled into pigtails. Being a teenager is a time to get playful with your hair, so experiment with styles that include braids, lots of waves, or creative updos.

10. Bohemian Hairstyle

Top 23 Best Hairstyles For Girls (2023 Trends) (10)

Bohemian hairstyles are known for including flowers, either a few placed behind the ears or in a headband. They also typically include wavy hair. Wearing all the hair down or pulling it up into a low bun with tendrils are both popular styles.

11. Bow Hairstyle

Top 23 Best Hairstyles For Girls (2023 Trends) (11)

One unique way to display your updo is with a bow. Forget the clip-ins, there are plenty of tutorials on forming a bow with the hair. Wear your bow hairstyle high or low and with or without bangs for a statement look.

12. Bowl Haircut

Top 23 Best Hairstyles For Girls (2023 Trends) (12)

The bowl haircut, while most popular as a men’s hairstyle, is actually popular for young girls as well. The style gets its name from the upside shape of a bowl and its even cut all the way around the head. Hair can be brushed straight down and smooth or piecey and arranged with fingers.

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13. Braids

Top 23 Best Hairstyles For Girls (2023 Trends) (13)

A low side braid is another chic style for young girls. Combing the hair back after forming a center part ensures the hair is smooth and bump-free. A few stray sections at the forehead keep the style from being too formal.

14. Buzz Cut

Top 23 Best Hairstyles For Girls (2023 Trends) (14)

Women seeking more edgy hairstyles will especially favor a buzz cut. Hair is a few centimeters long all over the head which really draws attention to the head’s shape. This haircut is also obviously very low maintenance.

15. Cowgirl Hairstyle

Top 23 Best Hairstyles For Girls (2023 Trends) (15)

Whether you’re roots are country are you’re heading to a Halloween party, the cowgirl hairstyle involves braids (one or two) and a cowboy hat. Secure the braid with ribbon to keep the country vibe or leave loose if you have thicker hair.

16. Half Shaved Hair

Top 23 Best Hairstyles For Girls (2023 Trends) (16)

Shaving half of the head is another way to make a haircut edgy. First, part hair in the center, then pick a side to shave from the hairline down to the back of the neck. Wearing hair loose will display an attractive feminine-rock look.

17. Mixed Girl’s Hair

Top 23 Best Hairstyles For Girls (2023 Trends) (17)

Love your hair’s texture and want to show it off? Embrace that natural hair’s curls by leaving it loose, no barrettes or buns in sight. If anything, you can color the ends with blonde for a beautiful contrast against black hair.

18. Emo Hair

Top 23 Best Hairstyles For Girls (2023 Trends) (18)

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Emo hairstyles are known by their out-there coloring, layers, heavy texture from teasing, and side bangs. While many women will opt for dark colors, you can make the emo hairstyle softer with teal and pink.

19. Undercut

Top 23 Best Hairstyles For Girls (2023 Trends) (19)

The undercut is a favorite for adding rough edge to a haircut. It also keeps the hair off the neck, which is great if you live in warmer areas. Undercuts work with just about every hairstyle and are an unexpected yet pretty detail.

20. Dark Hair

Top 23 Best Hairstyles For Girls (2023 Trends) (20)

It doesn’t take a certain skin tone to pull off brunette hair color (black and brown) beautifully. One of the great things about this color is how it accents eye color. Style it short or long depending on your face shape for a gorgeous look.

21. Hairstyle for School

Top 23 Best Hairstyles For Girls (2023 Trends) (21)

At school, your child can wear her hair loose on low-key days or in a cute ponytail or braids to keep it out of the way during gym or recess. Help her express herself by letting her experiment with colorful clip-in extensions or fun hair ties.

22. Girl’s Mohawk

Top 23 Best Hairstyles For Girls (2023 Trends) (22)

Who says girls can’t rock mohawks? By playing up your mohawk with soft colors like teal and purple or pink, and experimenting with dramatic makeup, your mohawk will prove the style isn’t just for men.

23. Scrunchie Hairstyle

Top 23 Best Hairstyles For Girls (2023 Trends) (23)

Scrunchies are always best for any casual look. There are different types of scrunchies like silk, skinny, velvet, cotton, etc. If you’re a woman who doesn’t want to spend much time styling hair then a scrunchie hairstyle is the best option for you.

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