The Top Ten Female Vampires in Literature, Film and Television - (2023)

Female vampires are just as deadly as their male counterparts. Like the males of the species, they are cunning, beautiful, seductive and blood thirsty. They don’t have as strong a presence in media as male vampires, but when they do they show their fangs. Some of my favorite female vampires aren’t even overtly sexual, though a lot of female vampires tend to be. They are closely reminiscent to succubi in that way. Female vampires who are overtly sexualized are both a warning and a lure to the power of darker sexual pleasures. But it’s the blood these vampy women crave more than anything, and they are willing to use whatever tactics they can to get to their precious food sources.

Just don’t under estimate the female vampire, for she can ensnare you with all the powers of Dracula himself.

Here is my top ten list of sexy sirens of blood:

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[Literature and Film]

The wonderful thing about Carmilla is she predates Count Dracula by 25 years! Perhaps Dracula took pointers from the Vamp Queen when he rolled out of his coffin the first time. That would certainly make for an interesting roll-reversal story, and some claim there is a chapter missing from the original Dracula that does portray Carmilla visiting him.

Anyhow, Carmilla has been adapted several times for film, but not with the same success rate as Dracula. It could be because her tale was shorter than Dracula’s. Her first appearance was in literature, where she is done the most justice as a character. Her story was first published in a magazine called, “The Dark Blue” in 1871 and 1872.

I think my favorite portrayal of her in film is The Vampire Lovers. Only because Ingrid Pitt really brought out the character in a seductive, temperamental way.

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[Literature and Film: Queen of the Damned]

Those that know me know my love of Anne Rice and the vampire chronicles. I’ve been a fangirl since I was 12. I have read them all, several times over, my favorites being that of the first couple books leading right up to the end of The Queen of the Damned novel. Akasha, as well as the two red-headed twin vampires that haunt her, are some of my favorite female vampires to date. They are preternatural monsters, especially Akasha, who is the most devoid of humanity. And while I wish they would remake the Queen of the Damned movie so I could see the Queen done proper justice, I will say that the movie isn’t without merit. If you think of it like a glorified music video, it’s a little more fun to put up with.

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[Television: Buffy The Vampire Slayer]

Buffy was a fun show, and while it had many amazing monsters for our slayer to fight, the vampires were always there. They were Buffy’s old faithful, and when she needed to blow off steam or hunt SOMETHING, the vampires were there for her. Later in the series we are introduced to an interesting vampire couple: Drusilla and Spike. Fans of the show adored this twisted pair, but even on her own, Drusilla is a force to be reckoned with. When Spike gives her a new lease on life, she shows her fangs in full force. No longer is she just the broken, crazy doll we see when we first meet her. Now we see the vicious, soulless predator under the skin.

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Comics are great for capturing the brutality of vampires, and if I was to suggest a comic with a sexy, sultry vampire heroine, I would suggest Vampirella. She’s actually a good guy in this, though still a vampire trying to sustain herself on blood. And her costume is a bit…revealing. But part of the fun of female vampires is they flaunt sexuality and desire at us, making us face our carnal natures.

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Miriam Blaylock

[Film: The Hunger]

The Hunger is one of my top favorites in all of vampire cinema. It’s so beautifully done, and respects the vampire creature with both gothic passion and pain. I won’t give too much of the story away, but Miriam Blaylock is her own kind of Dracula. She feeds, she loves, and she has great tragedy. And if you do watch this one, you’ll get a really young vampire David Bowie for your efforts to go along with beautiful lesbian vampire-love.

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Santánico Pandemónium

[Film: From Dusk Till Dawn]

I wasn’t sure I was going to put her on here, as she is only seen in From Dusk Till Dawn for like 10 mins or so, but she makes an impact in those few minutes! She’s apparently a very powerful vampire, though we don’t really feel that when she’s staked quickly. It’s rather a shame. Because the way she moves, the way she commands the attention of everyone in the room just screams vampire. In those few moments we see her, we are spellbound. And for a moment, no one really cares what she is until she reveals her true face.

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[Film: Underworld]

The Underworld series is fun vampire fluff. It’s the popcorn of vampire cinema in my opinion. But Selene is a bad ass in it, and she really portrays a certain female vampire that isn’t shown as much as the sexy, seductive version. Selene is the cold-hearted killer, at least until she falls in love. Even when she does fall in love she’s still rather chilly about it, as learning to express her unbridled passion is not what she’s been trained to do for decades. She’s a killer, through and through, and we sometimes need that reminder about vampires. Especially the female ones.

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Pamela Swynford De Beaufort

[Television: True Blood]

Pam is one of my favorite vampires on the show. She’s sexy, smart, a bad ass fighter, and so much more. Pam combines the vicious killer vampire with the sexy siren troupe beautifully, making in my mind one of the more devious vampires going. And True Blood doesn’t skimp on showing you how vicious the vampire creature can be, which is another thing I love. Pam’s loyalty really sets her apart from others of her kind too. She protects Eric fiercely, and is always willing to lay down her unlife for him. I don’t think it’s just because he’s her maker either.

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[Literature and Film: Interview With The Vampire]

Interview with the Vampire brought to light what would happen if a child was made a vampire. Claudia is one extreme version of that idea made “flesh.” She’s beautiful, seductive, terrible, and tragic. Her mind grows up even while her shell does not, and over time, we see how that impacts her unlife. We feel sorry for her. When I read the book and she died, it broke my heart. Not because she was dead, but because of what her death meant. Claudia is a warning, and her whole existence serves to remind us that vampires ARE abominations. We sometimes forget when we see how lovely they are that they are monsters under all that glamour.

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[Literature and Film: Let The Right One In]

And last, but certainly not least, is Eli. Let The right One In is a powerful and dark story that shows how monstrous vampires can truly be. It’s one of those rare gems that has been adapted beautifully from the book onto screen.

Eli is the other extreme of child vampires. She’s pretty, but not glamorously so like Claudia. She’s just as vicious, but more brutal in her methods. And she has similar problems. The plight of child vampires is one that expresses the pain of being trapped between too many worlds. Death and life, child and adult, human and monster. Eli’s viciousness and inhumanity comes from survival and her own dark nature. Whatever child-like innocence she once had was erased long ago with her humanity. She doesn’t put on any poetic airs in her gestures or mannerisms. Eli is just a predator. Through and through. Yet somehow…Oskar loves her for it. Probably because he is so desperate to be loved by anyone.

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Agree with our list? Did we miss any of your personal favorites? Let us know in the comment section below.

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