Melon Music Awards 2020 (2023)

The 2020 Melon Music Awards (MMA) were held online over a series of days, culminating on 5 December. BTS won6 awardsat the event. Translations of their award speeches are below. Videos will be added to this page as they begin to be uploaded by the official channel. The award names are linked to the relevant tweet thread.

Top 10

V: Yes, hello, we’re BTS. Shall we say our greeting for the first time in awhile? 2, 3 –
BTS: (scattered voices) We’re BTS!
Jin: (laughs) That really didn’t work out.

V: Yes! Despite it being such a difficult time, for continuing to love our music and listening to it often, thank you. I really want to bequeath this award to ARMY. I read some of the words [shown on the screen] behind us, and I think ARMYs are ‘Re’ on the musical scale, because they’re ‘Do’ing More Than Expected and Just On The Verge of Going im’ME’nsely Passionately Crazy. I wanted to make sure to say these words. ARMY, in your hearts, we’ll always be ‘dynamite’, and we’ll make sure [to show] ‘life goes on’. We love you, and thank you!

[Note: V made use of ‘Do, Re, Mi’ on the musical scale! It’s a cheeky compliment.]

Album of the Year

RM: (reaching for the award) I’ve brought it to you!
JM: Thank you. Ah, I’m so nervous.
BTS: Ah, yes.
JM: No, really. (laughs)
RM: (ENG) Album of the Year!

JM: Thank you so much. Honestly, because the first Daesang we received was this ‘Album of the Year’ at the MMAs, receiving this award again is incredibly meaningful for us, and I’m really really happy to think we’re able to have given back to ARMY through receiving this again. And because I believe being able to receive this again is a testament to our value, I’m so happy, and to think that we, who are nothing, could receive this, I believe is a positive message to many people – [a promise that] all people can [achieve it too].

Thank you so so much, and first, to the ARMYs who are always cheering for us, we thank you and love you, and to Bang Shi Hyuk PDnim and all the Big Hit family and producers who made it possible to create such a good album, thank you so much. We’re truly grateful.

Best Dance (Male) – Dynamite

JH: AYYY! First, whenever we receive an award, we shout for ARMY – so, ARMYYY! BTS: (cheers)
JH: We really do want to convey our thanks to ARMY. And I do honestly want to say that we worked really hard on BTS’ performances this year. We began the year with Map of the Soul : 7, for which we even went over to America to learn [the choreography] and showcase a large-scale performance through ‘ON’, then incorporated modern dance to beautifully express ‘Black Swan’, and next, had our fate-like meeting with the funky disco ‘Dynamite’. We really did work hard on these.
And though we too [did work hard], delivering our speech here, it would only be right to express our thanks to –
JM: (shouts)
JH: That’s right, to the performance core of Big Hit Entertainment: Mr. Son – Teacher Son Sung Deuk – as well as Bangster Byungeun-nim, Sunghoon-nim, and though they’ve since left, our Gawonie –
JM: Gawonz!!
JH: who was part of our MOTS: 7 ON performance, we want to say we’re so so thankful. And honestly, because of our busy schedules, there is a limit to what we can do, but to our impressive dancers who sketched out the drafts of our stages and rehearsed hard, we want to send our thanks. And we plan to keep showing you cool performances in the future too, so please keep watching us with great interest and love.

Song of the Year – Dynamite

JH: JK! (hands over award)
JK: First, to our ARMYs, though they’re not here, I would like to exclaim “scream!” ARMY, scream!
(BTS screams in our stead)

JK: Ah, yes. Though you’re far, it’s as though your unified voice could be heard even from here. Yes, “Song of the Year”. As singers, one of the things that make us feel most warm is when many people are able to gain strength, receive comfort, by listening to our songs. This makes us feel very warm. And especially in such a difficult period, releasing an unintended album and receiving good results from it, and from that song – this song – to see many people gain strength made me feel really happy. And I, too, received a lot of strength through this, and in the future also, I want to keep keep making music that gives strength and comfort and have you hear it. And to our composers who helped create such a great song, and mm, to our many staff, we’re thankful. We’ll make even better songs in the future. Thank you.

BTS: Thank you!
JK: I love you!
V: Borahae!

Netizen Popularity Award

RM: Ah, this is indeed a great award!

J: ARMY! Yeah! We have been able to receive the “Netizen Popularity Award” again thanks to ARMY, and I personally think this to be the hardest award to receive. It is after all undertaken through a voting process, and we were thus only able to receive it due to the fans working hard at voting for us. For all other awards, there are many people we need to thank, but for this, I want to say thanks to ARMY. And I also read one of the comments behind us, and apparently all the chocolate factories of the world have gone bankrupt –
V: Why?
J: Because ARMYs are too sweet~
BTS: (overwhelmed)

J: Anyway, thank you so much for allowing us to receive this award, and in the future too, we’ll work hard to show you many great stages. Thank you!
RM: Thank you!

Artist of the Year

RM: Ah~ We have been able to receive such an award once again. First, we are truly thankful to everyone. Honestly, my heart isn’t completely at ease, receiving such a meaningful award in such a period. It’s actually coming up to a year now: the length of time we’ve performed without our fans in front of us, without being able to see them. I believe it would be the same for many other artists.

Honestly, in the beginning – though as recipients of such a large award, we shouldn’t complain – but this year, it’s been really hard for you, right? We, too, in the beginning, were angry, resentful, filled with despair, and even hated a thing without a name. Undergoing such experiences, we worked hard by releasing the music we could and filming music videos.

The scary thing is that from a particular point in time, we were facing versions of ourselves who had accepted this reality and as humans, humanely, had become used to it. And so we thought “we shouldn’t be getting used to this”, “we need to directly see and feel the warmth of people”. Getting used to it was scary.

But honestly, ironically enough, what we felt most clearly this year was that the sincerity we had spread throughout the world until now had not been in vain. Though we cannot currently see each other, reach each other, hold each other’s hand, and embrace each other, we are connected, and our hearts do reach each other. We were able to confirm this through “Dynamite” and “Be”. The letters that you sent, the words that you sent, like those behind me – oh, they’re not behind me now! – were able to confirm your love and sincerity.

And in a situation where, just like us, many artists are unable to perform, they too in their own rooms and studios, will be making music, albums, with their utmost strength, and those artists’ fans will indeed begin and end their days with their songs. In our individual places, we are all trying our best. I want to believe that. And so, I don’t know what’ll happen, but I would like it if, in our own places, through our own mediums, in order to reach others, we were able to pierce this long, long winter until the coming of spring, survive together and in doing so, live. The seasons will return, and life does go on, so let’s have faith that spring will come, and I would like it if you could continue living with me. This year, you all suffered greatly, and I’m really really thankful and love you. Yes. You worked hard.

V: And additionally, what we need to say here is that we are in fact seven, not six. To our final one member who is watching this via video, to our SUGA hyung, if I could say one thing, it would be that we’ve received a lot of awards today, and it’d be good if in your joy, hyung too could quickly [continue to] make many happy memories with us. Get better soon!

JH: And the song ‘eight’ was nominated a lot~ It’s a song our SUGA hyung composed so –
RM: I think he’ll be happy
JH: Yeah, yeah. Hyung, you’re the best.
V: Eat a lot of food today.

JM: And finally – oh, not finally –
RM: Oh, that’s fine~
JM: As Namjoon hyung said earlier, I do think it was a really difficult situation for everyone due to COVID-19. So, for us, with our members, and from ARMYs, we received a lot of strength and were able to rise again, but it’d be good if many people, not just our ARMYs, could receive even a little strength by listening to our music. We’re always thankful and we’ll work even harder in the future. (bows)

BTS: Thank you!

JH: And we have to say – to Hitman Bang, our Bang Shihyuk PDnim, I’d like to express our thanks and – is there more we should say? – Oh, and Big Hit Entertainment! All our staff –
JM: (And the staff)
JH: Oh, our staff – honestly, there are SO many people to thank –
V: Our protocol team –
JH: That’s right, there’s no end! We’re so thankful, and
J: Our parents
JH: Our parents –
(JK whispers something in JH’s ear)
JH: Ah~ And this – what do you call it – this Artist award is the blooming flower of the award ceremony, so thank you so much, ARMYs, for making us flowers. We love you. (finger heart)

BTS: Thank you!
V: We borahae you!
JK: Take care of your health, everyone.


Best Performance Director – Son Sung Deuk

J: Moa, your father won an award!
SSD: (laughs) Hello, I’m Big Hit Entertainment’s Performance Director and BTS’ Choreographer, Son Sung Deuk. Yes, I want to first convey my thanks for being given such a precious award.

To Bang Shi Hyuk producer-nim and the whole Big Hit family, especially the best performance director team, and to my many colleagues, I want to convey my thanks. And to the members of BTS, who always showcase such passionate performances on stage, I want to say how thankful I am. And to those who are my great strength beside me, the family that I love, Bitna, Moa, and Hoa, I want to say that I’m thankful and that I love you.

With even greater performances and choreography in the future, I hope to share great comfort and great feeling to many. As a choreographer and director, I will work even harder in the future. Thank you.


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