How Much Value Does a Garden Room Add? | Green Retreats (2023)

Adding Value to your Home with a Garden Room

Will a garden room add value to my home? An important question to consider when adding a garden room to your property. Well, the short answer to this question is…YES!

Garden buildings are a unique and cost-effective space creating solution that can add appeal and value to your home. But, how much value does a garden room add?

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Property professionals from CALA Homes, Nutbrook Property and Micheal Graham Estate Agents have given us their view on garden room buildings, Green Retreats and how together we can add value to your home. Find out what return on investment you could be looking at below!

“Yes, there is no doubt that a garden room can add significant value to your property.”
– Robert Ellis | Nutbrook Property

How Much Value Does a Garden Room Add? | Green Retreats (2) How Much Value Does a Garden Room Add? | Green Retreats (3) How Much Value Does a Garden Room Add? | Green Retreats (4)

4 reasons why a garden room adds value to your home

1. Increased Floor Space:

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Home extensions are huge projects that can be disruptive, overwhelming and cost a fortune.A garden building allows you to add floor space to your home in a quick and hassle-free way. If you’re looking to create a home office, gym or studio then removing a bedroom or other conventional room in the home is not the most appealing way to do it.

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A garden building is a completely separate and new space that offers privacy as well as full flexibility to be transformed into anything!Whilst a garden room might not add as much value to your property as a traditional home extension or loft conversion, the value for money vs increased value is often much better than traditional extension alternatives.

“CALA understands that it is increasingly important to have dedicated ‘breakaway’ spaces too, such as lounges for entertaining or unwinding, and home offices for designated work space.”

-Glenn Copper, Sales & Marketing Director, Cala Homes

2. Wow Factor:

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Our garden rooms are unique spaces that are a modern and beautiful addition to your home and garden. Having a garden room at your home will create more interest in your property should you come to sell. The higher number of viewings tends to mean a quicker sale, and as a result, the asking price is normally met because potential buyers don’t want to miss out.

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“Now, more than ever, there is a need for these garden rooms and there is absolutely no questioning the fact that these are very desirable features of a home.”
– Robert Ellis | Nutbrook Property.

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3. Dedicated Work From Home Space

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Having a dedicated office space is fast becoming an essential feature for prospective buyers. “Home offices are mentioned in the majority of our conversations with prospective buyers” reports Luke Jackson from Michael Graham. “Having a home office in the garden away from the house can now make or break a property deal.”

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“As many of us are spending much more time at home through home or hybrid working, buyers are now considering in much more detail what they really want and need from their property and truly optimising their space accordingly.”

-Glenn Copper, Sales & Marketing Director, Cala Homes

4. Attract fitness-fans or hobbyists:

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A garden gym is an investment into your home and health. Fitness conscious buyers will see the benefit of a dedicated space to focus on their fitness goals, without interrupting (or being interrupted by) other members of their household.

For hobbyists, having a quiet space away from the home to practise their craft and store their equipment often makes the garden room their favourite room at home!

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So, how much value does a garden room add?

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Garden rooms can add 1.5x their value to a home depending on the quality of the build, therefore covering the cost of the installation. Luke Jackson at Micheal Graham estate agents has found that “Not only does a garden room attract more buyers to your property, but a high-quality garden room can also boost the value of your home by 5% to 15%”

Robert Ellis of Nutbrook Property said: “I would estimate that the value-added would be about 1.5x the cost of the building installation. The convenience value is also significant and must be considered for homeowners.”

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Robert Ellis of Nutbrook Property also says: “Whilst a lot of the value is attributable to the extra space it creates, a garden room is modern and stylish and adds to the whole appeal of the property. There is no doubt that the quality of the building adds significant value too.”

CALA Homes see the value in the space garden rooms provide so much that they’ve began offering them with home sales.

“At our Cala at Beaulieu development, we’re also offering buyers an additional ‘breakaway’ space with stand-alone Garden Rooms from Green Retreat available to purchase as an upgrade.

These Garden Rooms are offering our buyers at Beaulieu a whole host of extra options, whether it’s used as a home office, a gym, an impressive bar for hosting parties or a quiet snug to get away from it all – a Garden Room can be an exciting additional space to use as your lifestyle requires.”

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-Glenn Copper, Sales & Marketing Director, Cala Homes

A poor quality building is more likely to put off potential buyers, so choosing the right supplier is key. That’s where Green Retreats can help.

Does a Garden Office add value to your home?

How Much Value Does a Garden Room Add? | Green Retreats (14)

Garden Offices have topped the list of Rightmove’s recent analysis of the home features that have grown in popularity. The UK’s biggest property website has seen the proportion of property listings that mention ‘garden offices’ up by 1,046% compared to 10 years ago.

“Agents and developers have their finger on the pulse when it comes to the home features that will attract suitable buyers. Where dining rooms and fitted wardrobes may not be as important to some potential buyers compared with ten years ago, other features like an outdoor office space have soared as working patterns have changed, and the findings indicate a move towards greener features too.

With outside space coming at such a premium, it may be that homeowners are ensuring what they build outside can be used in a number of different ways.”

– Tim Bannister – Rightmove’s Property Expert

As seen on Rightmove

Check out some listings on Rightmove that proudly promote their Green Retreats garden rooms and offices as a key feature to prospective buyers:

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How much does an outbuilding add to property value? ›

On smaller houses (less than 1,500 square feet) a shed may have some value, but the value will only be around 1 to 2% of the overall value of the property.” In some instances, having a shed on your property could actually decrease the value.

Can I sleep in my garden room? ›

Most garden rooms are exempt from building regulations but that's not the case if you're going to be sleeping in it. The majority of standard garden rooms do not meet the required building regulations for sleeping accommodation and so cannot be slept in, even on occasions.

What do you put in a garden room? ›

10 Really Cool Uses For Your Garden Room
  1. Hobby room. Adding a garden room to your garden can allow you to have the space to indulge in your favourite hobby away from the hustle and bustle of your house. ...
  2. Gym. ...
  3. Home Spa. ...
  4. Yoga Ashram. ...
  5. Your own local. ...
  6. Memorabilia room. ...
  7. Vintage game arcade. ...
  8. Home office.

How much does office pod cost? ›

Soundproof work pods range between $12,250-$19,500. Video conferencing pods range between $10,500-$15,500. Small office pods (< 13 sq. ft) range between $21,750-24,500; 2 person meeting pods, between $15,750-$17,750, 4 person office meeting pods, between $13,500-$19,500.

Does a garden room increase property value? ›

“Not only does a garden room attract more buyers to your property, but a high-quality garden room can also boost the value of your home by 5% to 15%.” – Luke Jackson, Branch Partner – Michael Graham Buckingham Office.

Are garden rooms tax deductible? ›

It's not possible to fully deduct the garden office as a business cost. However, you can deduct the fixtures, fittings, office furniture, and more.

Are garden rooms worth it? ›

A garden room can add value to your property – worth doing whether you're thinking of selling or not. Plus it's one of the simpler ways to make your property more desirable. The construction of a garden room is usually simpler than an extension, a loft conversion or knocking down interior walls.

How much value does a garden studio add? ›

How much value does a garden office actually add? Floor space is one of the major factors when valuing a property, so it makes sense that the extra space provided by a garden office can add 5-10% to the value of your home.

How much value does a garden add? ›

A nicely presented garden alone can be seen to add 20% to your house value and past research has shown that approximately 70% of home buyers would pay more for a property with an outdoor green space.

How much value does a garden cabin add? ›

It not only adds valuable living space to your garden, it can add, on average, at least 5% – even up to 15%!

Does adding an outbuilding increase home value? ›

A shed can even help to increase your asking price when you decide it's time to sell. In fact, some professionals estimate that a new shed could add as much as $15,000 to your property's price tag.

Does a workshop increase home value? ›

According to appraisal expert, Leslie Sellers, president of the Appraisal Institute, the more money you put into an outdoor structure, the less chance at getting more value for your buck. "Although a nice addition for many homeowners, an elaborate workshop does little for the overall value of the home," he says.

Do outdoor spaces increase home value? ›

According to a recent survey from Rocket Homes, an attached outdoor living space, such as a deck or porch, can add almost $20,000 to the value of a home. Consider your area's climate and weather patterns to determine which type of outdoor space might bring the biggest boost.

How much value does a barn add to property? ›

Many homeowners find that their pole barn can add $10,000 or more to their home property value. Often, the value can be 50-80% of the cost of the barn itself, making it one of the best return-on-investments you can make for your property!

What upgrades do not increase home value? ›

However, not all of these home improvements will add financial value back to the home.
  • 6 House Improvements To Avoid. ...
  • A Swimming Pool Or Hot Tub. ...
  • Elaborate Professional Landscaping. ...
  • Garage Conversion. ...
  • Unique Wallpaper. ...
  • Sunrooms. ...
  • Bedroom Conversion. ...
  • 4 Renovation Projects To Increase Home Value.
Sep 12, 2022

What increases home value the most? ›

The top five projects that add the most dollar value to a sale in 2022 are refinishing hardwood floors, installing new wood floors, upgrading insulation, converting a basement to a living area and renovating closets, according to a joint report by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the National Association ...


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